About Boo - Bordertrix Sensational

Boo aged 2 weeks

Two weeks old

  Boo aged 9 months

In November 2014 aged 9 months


Sire: Woolram Lothario CDex UDex WDex TDex x Bordertrix Non But The Brave

Born: 15/02/2014

Black & White

Hips: 6:4 / Genetically clear of CEA/CH / Clear adult eye test March 2016 / Glaucoma clear / BAER Hearing TBA / Genetically clear of TNS


Boo, originally named Dottie, then Chase by her first owners, was returned to us as she didn't like sharing the limelight with her family's toddler. I am so grateful that they made the hard decision to bring her back to us, she does demand a lot of attention and loves having dogs and humans to keep her amused. She slotted straight back into our home as if she'd never left us for 7 months and continues to make us laugh with her antics.

Boo is from Skye's miracle litter, following a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, we never really knew if any pups would survive. This is an extremely rare condition and I was very much left on my own by my Vets to deal with Skye's welfare. I researched what I could and had help from a very kind lady who had used Buddy on her bitch in 2013 and is a Veterinary Nurse. A strict regime of diet and exersise helped Boo and her sister, Spot, to survive the birth. Boo was Skye's second pup from the litter and they came screaming into the world six days early (which is a lot for dogs). They were small but both fighters and grew into beautiful, strong puppies, thanks to Skye's maternal instincts and devotion.

After a week I finally calmed down and relaxed into puppy worshipping as the worst was over. Skye was happy again, glucose levels were back to normal and we could enjoy the puppies growing healthy and strong with no adverse affects. I have decided that I will not breed a bitch past six years old again as this is not an experience I'd ever want to repeat.

Boo was returned to us in November 2014 and moved back in with a carrier bag full of toys and heaps of love and affection. She has the most beautiful temperament and sense of fun.

I did attempt to do a bit of breed showing with her but she can't help but try and get the judge to fuss her. Maybe when she's older :)

So focusing on her agility career Boo has now completed her first full year of comeptition during 2016. She ended the season by winning a grade 3 agility class in October and taking us to grade 4. It was an amazing run and she made me so proud that day. All year she has won many places in grade 3 and clear rounds too.

In 2017 Boo won grade 4 agility twice in one weekend and then at our next competition saw her win grade 5 agility in her first competition at that level! She has really proved to be a great agility partner and still at only just 3 years old!!!

Boo's work ethic is great for agility as she is very physical and strong by nature. Agility suits her well and she copes effortlessly with the obstacles. She is not really food orientated, a ball or tuggy is much more fun (and easier for me).

On Sunday 4th January 2016 we took part in a ScentUK Workshop run by Boo's Sire's owner, Heather Donnelly. We had great fun finding left over turkey amongst the boxes, luggage, bags, doing an exterior vehichle search and examining a patio chair for treats. Boo used her nose well but we need to work on her assertiveness, she's just a little too polite in her searching technique. This is definitely something I'd like to continue to do with her.

Boo will be taking a break from agility to have a litter around October 2017.

Expected colours will be black and white, blue merle, blue and white and possibly any combination as tri colour.



News and photos



A family portrait 4th January 2015


A frosty new year morning



A moment of stillness captured

Boo aged 9 months

Enjoying her agility training 2015




Dottie (Boo) & Spottie born 15/02/1014




One day old


Scent workshop training, searching for turkey :)