About Flint - Bordertrix Feelin' Groovy

Flint at 6 months

6 months old

  With Lottie

A February walk with his partner in crime


Sire: Minkynips What Yer Fink x Bordertrix Sensational

Born: 20/08/2018

Blue merle, tri-colour

Hips: TBA / Genetically clear of CEA/CH and TNS / Clear litter eye test April 2018 / Glaucoma tba / BAER Hearing Tested: PASS


Flint is our Boo baby from the beautiful Percy (Minkynips What Yer Fink). Adding some colour to our lines Flint is turning out to be a wonderful addition to our team. Primarily he is Hayley's next agility partner but will also be checking out the show ring as a puppy.

He loves his toys but is food orientated too so we have the best of both worlds. Very quick to learn and really enjoying his training with Hayley. Like his mum, Boo, he is very cluddly but has a naughty streak too and enjoys nothing more than stealing all the toys and parading around with them to tease a chase.

He is growing into a beautiful dog; inside and out; and his conformation is amazing for one so young.

We regularly see 2 of Flint's siblings and are in contact with everyone else, sharing photos, news and information as they grow. When I have time I will add them to the website.



Practising his stand Percy showing him how its done

Flint - practising his stand (aged 6 weeks)


Percy showing him how its done



News and photos


With my brothers and sisters just a few days old



Boo and her pups



Waiting to pounce

Flint 6 months


My parents <3


Boo & Percy