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Being the original girl who walked everyone else's dog and was never allowed to have her own, as soon as I was married I didn't hesitate to get a dog. I didn't mind which breed we had so my Husband chose a springer spaniel as he always had a fondness for gundogs. Click here to see my tributes to all the dogs that have left us for Rainbow Bridge.

We live in a little town in Northamptonshire with our two girls, who are just as crazy about dogs as I am, and our four dogs, Skye, Lottie, Jazz and Boo. They are not just dogs to us they are part of our family and we would be lost without them. Therefore I have created this web-site to tell the world how wonderful they are and about the huge amount of pleasure they give us. Visit them on their pages from the links here or below.

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I am into anything to do with dogs and have tried most of the common disciplines; agility, HTM (doggy dancing) flyball and breed showing. In 2006 I decided I wanted to fulfil a lifetime's dream and ambition and breed my own litter of puppies (which is not an easy task when I was determined to do everything right). I was a Kennel Club Assured Breeder from February 2008 until February 2016 and have now bred 6 litters of border collies, making lots of great friends along the way.

I am proud of how far we've come, we are now on our 4th Generation of border collies. Many have qualified for Crufts, we are usually placed in Championship Shows and in Open for breed showing.

Skye has now retired from agility following a bad cruciate tear and like to tell the others how to do it. Lottie and Hayley, now running at grade 6, consistently get rosettes with numbers on to add to her Agility Warrant. In 2012 Buddy started his agility career and we began to creep up the grades, winning two grade 2 agility classes on two consecutive days in July 2014 before his untimely death in the September. Both Buddy and Lottie also qualified for the Agility Club's Starters Agility Challenge in 2015, read all about our experience in the Agiltiy Voice March 2016 issue.

Jazz had big paws to fill when she started the 2015 agility season straight into grade 3. Our best result was a 4th place in grade 3 agility at RVA in October 2015. Jazz believes agility should be completed at full speed so has a tendancy to knock poles down in her eagerness which is very frustrating. The LHO is helping her and she is getting rosettes with high numbers on, we willl make you proud Buddy :')

Boo has far exceeded my expectations winning out of grade 3 last year, grade 4 this year and already an agility win towards grade 6. She will be having a break from agility to have her first litter later this year so this is a great time for us to take a break. I just love handling her, she really enjoys herself all the way round the courses, emitting a playful gruff as she flies round.

As my dogs tend not to be keen on standing still for too long we are concentrating just on agility but who knows what the future brings.

Lottie and Jazz trained at a local club for heelwork to music (HTM or doggy dancing). Both dogs loved taking part and have also attended some demonstrations. Jazz is so keen to please me that she does everything at 100mph so I have to keep very calm but she does try so very hard. These classes taught me a lot about to use a clicker successfully.

In January I decided to have a go at Scentwork with Boo and attended a workshop training day with her Sire's owner, Heather. We had a really good day and gained lots of ideas on how to keep my collies mentally stimulated. Boo was too polite during the vehicle search and didn't want to get told off for putting her paws on the bumper, she's so funny :)

I try to stick to my personal breeding ethics which is to keep versatility in the border collie to have the drive and ability to train to any discipline a prospective owner might want. My puppies go to the best homes on offer, these have ranged from competition agility to active pets. I'm so proud of every one.

Our dogs are first and foremost our family pets, they come everywhere possible with us and everything we acheive with them is a bonus. They are socialised from as young an age as possible and are familiar with agility equipment from the moment they can leave the house. They mix with all the dogs in our training classes at BUDS. I train them to stand and be examined so they are ready to go into the show ring at 6 months of age. We actively show them until they are able to take part in agility competitions at 18 months, where agility always takes precedance.

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Why am I not an Assured Breeder?

I have decided not to renew my membership of the Kennel Club's Assured Breeder Scheme. Not just because they are going to increase the yearly membership by 50% within the next year, also I don't agree with some of the criteria they insist upon. My dogs are tested for more diseases and condiitons that aren't listed as part of their breed criteria. The Kennel Club also continue to allow registrations from known Puppy Farmers, with no ethics at all. Until this changes I feel that, after six years supporting the scheme, I cannot allow myself to continue to be part of such a contradictory scheme.

Prospective owners can make their own minds up if they feel I am a good breeder or not. The proof is in the pudding as they say and I have 3 generations living in my house (as well as little Lottie) who can speak for themselves.

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Planned litters page has been updated :)



Jazz and Boo have passed their adult eye examinations 30/03/2016 and Boo also passed her goniscopy (glaucoma) test ;)




Lottie achieves her remaining points for her Agility Warrant Bronze award at RVA's Agiltiy Show in October and continued to gain places. Way to go Lottie Lotus :)




Read all about Hayley and Lottie's experience of the Agility Club Starters' Challenge in the March Agility Voice 2016




Happy puppy



Chase aka Bordertrix Sensational was returned to us on 22/11/2014 through a change of circumstances. She is such a lovely girl that we have decided to keep her here with us and she is now renamed Boo :)