A fully fenced-in dog training facility based at Newbarn Farm, Brick Kiln Road, in Raunds, BUDS, is a friendly and happy place to bring your dog to learn the skills needed for agility.

We understand training sessions should be fun for both dog and owner, a real sense of achievement should be the aim of every session. Each dog and owner that comes to us will be treated as individuals and their needs will be met by lessons based on what they need to personally achieve.

We take dogs of any breed as long as they do not pose a concern or danger to anyone else.


Agility is great for body and mind

Telephone: 07749 285330 (leave a message)

Between April and November classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. During winter months agility lessons take place on a Saturday morning in structured classes.

Please feel free to contact me for an initial discussion. Lesson times are listed on the right and we have a maximum number of handlers in each class.

Please note: I am not an animal behavourist, this is a totally seperate field so I recommend speaking to your Veterinary Surgery for a referral if your dog has a serious behavoural issue.

Class prices are below......



From beginner to competitor BUDS can help you train your dog while having fun on the agility course. A maximum of 6 pupils per class ensures that individual attention is paid to each member. Abilities are matched so no long waiting periods between runs.

Initial one-to-one session for introduction to equipment and ability assessment = £20

Agility Taster Course - 4 week plan teaching all basics (which can be extended at home with no equipment necessary) and gaining confidence around the equipment and environment - £20 for the course.

Starter Agility Classes for those who have completed Foundation/Taster Course or with more experience. Classes are paid per calender month in advance of either 4 or 5 weeks (£24 or £30).

Competition Class is for dogs and handlers who are at competition level. Class are paid per calender month in advance of either 4 or 5 weeks (£28 or £35).

Hire of agility equipment for 1 hour = 1st dog £20, 2nd dog + £10, 3rd dog + £5 (3 dog limit on this basis). Terms and conditions apply.



Any dog needing one-to-one training will be charged £20 per hour.





Class Timetable


Agility Taster Classes are on Tuesday evenings between 5.00pm - 6.00pm starting 03/04/2018 and Wednesdays between 5.30pm - 6.30pm starting 04/04/2018.

For dogs new to agility or puppies from 6 months wanting to learn the basic commands and gain confidence around the equipment.


Agility for starters for dogs and handlers gaining further skills and experience. Tuesdays 6.00-7.00pm and Wednesdays 6.30pm - 7.30pm.



Agility for competition standard dogs and handlers - every Monday at 6.30pm.

For dogs that have competed at an official agility show and are competent on all equipment.


One-to-one agility (for puppies and young dogs) charged at £20 per hour - Mondays or Tuesdays, weather dependent.

Other days/times may be available.



Due to demand for agility classes we currently do not offer puppy training classes.