About Lottie - Lanteague Lotus AW(G)

Such a Princess!!


Beautiful girl :-)


Sire: SH CH Lythwood Sacha x Whiterocks Betsy Babe Becomes Lanteague

Born: 04/04/2012

Sable & White

Hips: 8:8 / DNA Tested Clear of CEA/CH / Clear eye test May 2012

Lottie is Hayley's dog, she had always wanted a sable, Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) and so after years of showing dedication to our dogs I decided she was old enough to take on the responsibility to train a puppy of her own from scratch.

Lottie is Bordertrix's first Shetland Sheepdog and a very welcome member of our family. She has proved to be a very successful agility partner for Hayley, going from Grade 1 to 4 in just 10 months! Her second season saw her progress to grade 5 after several near misses and 2 jumping wins. In her last show of the 2015 season, not only did she gain her 3rd jumping win but also won 2 agility classes! This also gave her enough points for her agility warrant (bronze) - that was a good day :) At the end of 2016 she won into grade 6 after winning 2 jumping and 2 agility classes AND gained her agility warrant silver!. This year she has climbed to the dizzy heights of grade 7, having gained a jumping and 2 x agility wins and looking forward to their first Champtionship competition in July 2018. She also qualified for her agility warrant GOLD!!! An amazing dymanic duo, all this and Hayley fits all this in around studying at university :)

She is adorable but shelties are a very different breed to border collies, she definitely has ideas of grandeur and thinks some things are beneath her. She takes a while to make human friends but once she lets you in you are a friend for life. She is a great ambassador for socialising with dogs and is a great foster mum.

We would like to send huge thanks to Sylvia Freeman of Lanteague Shetland Sheepdogs who kindly let Lottie come and own us. She is an absolute dream come true for Hayley and we could not have asked for a more perfect companion, thank you!


News and photos

02/06/2012 - the day we brought Lottie home <3



Lottie competing at Wellingborough DTC - July 2014