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Border collies are not a breed to be taken lightly, they do not come pre-programmed with good manners and their toilet training sorted. A border collie needs as much mental stimulation as it does physical, so if you are looking for a couch potato then they are not the breed for you.

Puppies will misbehave if they are not kept busy, if you don't give them a game to play, they will make up their own which might include chewing your skirting boards or ripping up your lino. They do grow out of this but common sense is key. I am not saying they don't settle down and have a nap now and then but you need to know what you are taking on.

Take a look at the photo of Jazz on her page, although this is quite extreme, if it sends your heart into palpitations then perhaps a border collie is not for you. I will say, she had a hosing down after that and was soon clean but if you can't see yourself dealing with this then think again.

They also moult, and I do mean moult. Once a year at least they will drop their coats and resemble greyhounds and will leave their fur all over your house.

I have recently decided not to renew my membership of the Kennel Club's Assured Breeder Scheme because I feel the KC could do a lot more to discourage the unscupulous breeding of puppies on puppy farms. You can see for yourself if you think I am a good breeder or not, my dogs will tell you :)

My dogs are first and foremost our family companions and if you visit us you will see that for yourself. I have three generations here, all happy and healthy, they love people and enjoy their training with us.

Our puppies are born indoors, usually in the dining room and are subjected to all the usual household noises and hustle and bustle of everyday life. They meet any visitors and socialise with our own dogs on a daily basis. They are handled by all the family and join in our daily routine whenever possible. We feed them on a raw diet of bones, tripe, meat, vegetables and fruit which we encourage new owners to continue. Raw food does come in easy to buy portions too or you can do it yourself, getting the balance of vitamins etc can be tricky but its not really that hard.

Our bitches are in tip top condiiton before I consider breeding them. Please click here to read about available testing on health issues relating to the border collie. I will choose a sire who I feel will compliment my bitches and/or improve my line. I breed border collies that are happy, healthy and trainable. My puppies go to the best homes on offer at the time so until a desposit is paid there is never a guarantee of ownership. I do hold a Waiting List and will contact anyone I feel is a serious contender.

I will have spent months planning and rearing my puppies so please do not get offended if I ask a lot of questions but I need to know you are sure you have thought long and hard about offering my puppies a home.

One line email enquiries will be deleted, if you don't have the time to give me some basic background information then I don't have the time to answer you. If I do not have puppies available at the time I am happy to help you to find your forever friend.


Planned litters

Boo will be having her first litter in August 2018 to Minkynips What Yer Fink aka Percy (pictured below).

Percy aka Minkynips What Yer Fink

Puppies will be suitable for active homes only; agility, flyball, obedience, HTM etc



Expected colours blue/slate merle, black and white, blue and white, red merle and tri colour in any combination.