About Skye - Bordertrix Non But The Brave

Six weeks old, cutest puppy ever!!


In August 2008 with my favourite friend


Sire: Brooksbid High Society x Belgarath Dark Angel at Bordertrix

Born: 17/02/2006

Blue & White

Hips: 4:5 / DNA Tested Clear of CEA/CH / Clear eye test April 2014 / Glaucoma clear / BAER Hearing Tested Pass / Genetically clear of TNS


Our first homebred puppy, Skye is a little diamond, a happy little lady who gives the best cuddles and is always looking for mischief. Her Kennel Club name is very apt as Skye is quite fearless in her approach to most things which made her an excellent agility dog.

She was the third born in Sunnie's first litter and I knew that she'd be the one for me as soon as I saw her. She was the smallest and always had to fight hard to get what she wanted. She always surprises me in whatever she does, far excelling what I would have believed possible in most cases.

A complete wish come true for me and my girls, Skye qualified for breed showing at Crufts in 2008 and enjoyed most of the day.

At 14 weeks Skye started Puppy Training Classes and did really well considering the distractions. Skye behaved impeccably and impressed the Trainer for one so young and easily passed her Good Citizen Bronze handled by Hayley. She has always been easy to train and picks things up straight away. She thrives on one-to-one attention - just as well she has so many willing candidates to choose from!

Hayley handled Skye in all her competitions and they were placed at nearly every Show they attended, both breed and agility. They qualified for many competitions along the way. Hayley also handled her at Crufts 2008 on the big, green carpet, such a proud moment for me.

Skye has given us three superb litters (15 puppies), one to Bekkis Virtuoso, then to his son, Laetare Unleashed and again to another son, Woolram Lothario. Most of her puppies went to performance homes and we love to hear about their progress.

Skye has now retired from all competition, I've decided I'd rather she was able to enjoy the rest of her life having long walks with the rest of the gang.

Sadly the summer of 2015, after having gestational diabetes with her last litter, Skye became practically blind. It doesn't stop her though, she's one tough dog for all her princess attributes. I love her so much for how gutsy she is, nothing fazes her and she just gets on with life (with a little help from Lottie who is now her eyes)!. Even having insulin injections twice a day is worth the discomfort for a treat and a cuddle. Skye is the only dog I have that has known all my other dogs, this will never happen again and I can't believe she's 13 years old now! Where did that go?

In June 2017 we almost lost her to ketonacidosis which is a complicaiton of diabetes and fatal if not treated. What an awful week we had not knowing if she would survive but as usual she made it through the ordeal and is now back keeping everyone in check.

As if that wasn't enough in November 2018 our Vet found she had a mammary tumour which had to be immediately removed. Tests showed - as much as possible - that all the cells had been successfully removed.

I don't know what I'd do without her, she is so very precious and whatever time she has left we'll make sure she lives every moment.



News and photos

Skye and her son, Buddy, January 2012


At Crufts, March 2008 with Hayley <3


Skye and brother, Blue, charging Mummy Sunnie <3 April 2006




Enjoying Hunstanton Beach in June 2009 with half sister Tessie and Mum, Sunnie :)